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The province of Alberta is growing increasingly diverse and Lethbridge is no exception!

The city is situated on traditional Blackfoot territory and is the bordered by the Blood Reserve, the largest in Canada and home to the Blood (Kainai) Nation. As a result, First Nations culture is part of our heritage and woven into the fabric of the city.

Lethbridge also attracts immigrants from around the world. As of 2011, there were 12,420 immigrants living in Lethbridge, an increase of 13 per cent over 2006.

A welcoming and compassionate city, Lethbridge has also welcomed refugees fleeing turmoil around the globe, including Canada’s largest population of Bhutanese refuges and hundreds of refugees from Syria. A new Multicultural Centre, operated by the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association, opened in 2016 and serves as a community hub for more than 30 ethno-cultural groups from across the region.

Lethbridge is also home to a vibrant and proud LGBT population. 2016's Lethbridge Pride Festival saw more than 8,000 people attend events including a parade, drag shows, family activities and more.

Mother Tongue - Lethbridge CMA



Mother tongue refers to the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the person at the time the data was collected.


Statistics Canada 2016 Census

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Did You Know?

The Southern Alberta agricultural region has an annual production capacity of over 860,000 acres in canola crops - 21% of the Alberta total canola crops are grown here.